Tights should be ordered thru the store to ensure the correct tights are purchased. Any type of leotard/skirt combo is acceptable for the Tiny Tots thru the Busy Bees. Shining Stars thru Teen Training c​an wear bra tops, leotards and booty shorts or leggings to class. Petite Ballet and Senior Ballet have uniformed leotards and skirts that are worn weekly. Acro dance must wear leotards (no loose clothing) and no shoes to class. hip-Hop and POM students can wear comfortable clothing. Tennis Shoes for Hip-Hop class are normally chosen for recital, but any shoe can be worn for practice. hair should be pulled out of the student's face during any class.

Shoes will be ordered through our store located at Susie's Academy of Dance.

Please note that some styles and colors WILL be changed for the new dance year Fall 2022.

Teen Training Class and Competition Classes need to check with their teachers prior to purchasing shoes for performances.