A Mandatory dress rehearsal will be held at the Lander University Cultural Center at 4:00pm Friday, May 24th before our performance which will be held on Saturday, May 25th at the Cultural Center at Lander University. Any child not at his/her designated rehearsal will not be permitted to participate in the recital. Only one parent is allowed in the Cultural Center Auditorium during dress rehearsal. All costumes, tights, shoes and head pieces must accompany the student and need to be marked with the student's initials.


Our spring production will be held on Saturday, May 25th. We will have a Competition Showcase and a Spring Production which will involve all students.  The Competition Showcase will be at 11:00am and the Spring Production will begin at 3:30pm.  Some students are in both performances and must be in attendance for both shows. Children should be dropped off at the Green Room entrance by 2:30pm at their designated class which will have appropriate signage in full costume, hair and make-up for their first dance . Parents must then enter the auditorium thru the designated doors and provide their tickets. Dancers will be dismissed as soon as they are finished performing.  We ask only ONE parent pick up their child at the designated area and for ALL family to meet in the front lobby of the auditorium to cut down on traffic.  You will not be allowed to take your child backstage UNLESS you are a backstage volunteer. Please remain seated during the performance as much as possible as the doors from the auditorium opening and closing are a distraction to the dancers.  You must present your ticket each time you enter and leave the auditorium and the door workers will only allow you to leave in between dances.  If you have a young child or need to get up for health reasons please request tickets at the END of an aisle.  Videotaping and flash photography are strictly prohibited during the performance!


A volunteer sign up is located in the office. Most classes require at east 2 volunteers per class. If you sign up to work backstage, you must work the rehearsal as well as the recital. A backstage volunteer meeting (TBA) will take place in May where we will discuss information regarding job duties as well as providing badges to gain access into the backstage area.  Four Door workers are needed to stand at the doors during the entire Competition Showcase and Production. Door workers will be given additional complimentary tickets at no extra charge.


All performers must remain backstage until they are finished performing.

Only backstage volunteers are permitted backstage during rehearsal or recital.  An attendant will be at the backstage entrance where volunteers will need to sign in and show their backstage badge to enter the backstage area, and to enforce your child’s safety. Children will be FULLY supervised in the backstage area for the entire duration of the rehearsal and recital. The same volunteers will stay with each class during rehearsal and the recital and remain with the class until every child is picked up on both days. Your child’s safety is very important to us. Please help us keep all of our students safe by respecting and following these rules. 


Send a dry snack and clear drink with your child to rehearsal and recital.
Please be sure to send a note with your child concerning any allergies or medical conditions he/she may have.
Dancers Name should be on all of their belongings and sent in a bag.  Dancers should have all costumes, headpieces and shoes with them for rehearsal and recital.
Have extra bobby pins, hairspray and makeup for touch-ups with them.
Lander University expects the backstage area to be left neat and tidy after rehearsal and recital. It is the responsibility of the backstage volunteers and of the students to be sure that nothing is left behind, and the dressing rooms are left completely clean. 
Dancers are expected to remain in their dressing rooms. NO dancers are allowed in the auditorium as they are ALL a part of the show and just like a play, the actors and actresses would remain backstage.
Dancers are expected to keep the noise level backstage minimal.
No bright nail polish, jewelry or accessories that are not part of the costume should be worn at rehearsal or recital.
Please avoid underwear under tights/ costumes, as it creates lines and bumps that can be visible under lights.


A first costume deposit is due November 15th and the last installment is due January 15th. We cannot order the student's costume if the costume fees have not been paid in advance. Costumes are handed out in classes as they arrive (during April and May). Your instructor will inform you about how to use any accessories included and how to care for your costume. 

Because stage lights are very bright and can wash out your child’s features, review the makeup application link and how to properly put hair in a bun instructions. Makeup for younger students can be light and natural. Older students can wear full-makeup, false eyelashes, etc. It is recommended that all students with the exception of male students wear makeup so their features show on stage. 

The following guidelines are specific for different styles of dances, if your child takes more than one class, review all of the necessary listings. These guidelines apply for dress rehearsal and recital. 

BALLET CLASS: Ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes (strings tucked in shoes).

JAZZ CLASS: Tights (NO pantyhose) and jazz shoes (color specified by instructor).

TAP CLASS: Tights and shoes specified by instructor.

POM CLASS: Tights and shoes specified by instructor. POMs required.

LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY: Tights and shoes specified by instructor.

HIP HOP: Tights and shoes specified by instructor.


Recital tickets will go on sale beginning on Monday, May 6th at 4:30pm.  Each person must have a ticket due to the Lander Cultural Center fire codes with the exception of children ages 3 and under. We will accept cash, check or credit card for payment.  You are responsible for picking up your tickets as they will not be sent home with your child. If you are unable to pick up your tickets on this day, tickets will continue to be available at the studio, during normal office hours the Thursday before Rehearsal Practice.  It will be assigned seating, so please make sure you get all the tickets you need when you pick up your pre-paid tickets if you wish to be seated together.   Competition Showcase tickets are for separate show and will need to be purchased separately. Please remember that most solos, duos, trios will NOT be in the MAIN recital. You must attend the Competition Showcase if you wish to view these dances.  If you want to stay for both shows, you must leave after the Competition Showcase and provide your tickets for the Production at the designated areas.

Tickets may be purchased for $20 each. Competition Showcase tickets are sold at a reduced rate of $10 per ticket.  All accounts must be paid through the year (including May) in order to pick up your tickets!  


Programs will be available for each family at the Recital. Please be sure to check the spelling of your dancers name for the program at the front desk before May 22nd.  We want to make sure all of our dancers are included in each of their dances, and the spelling of their name is exactly the way you want it to be. Thank you for taking the time to check each of your child’s classes carefully on the list and initial if correct. If changes need to be made, please do so directly on the sheet.


We will be holding a special awards ceremony for our dancers during their classes the week of May TBD at the end of your child’s normal dance class!  You will be invited to come into your child’s class this week and join them while they get their award. The awards will be handed out the last 15 minutes of each class. Please feel free to invite family members and bring your cameras!  This will be their last week of classes for the year. 


Bedenbaugh Photography will take professional individual and group pictures the week of May TBD at Susie's Academy of Dance.

Your child  should  arrive  “camera ready”, as the dance studio is transformed into a photo studio for picture week and you will be unable to get your child dressed and ready during the designated times. Information will be sent home regarding the group costume your child should arrive in. Parents are not permitted inside the picture room at the time pictures are taken. Photo sessions will take the place of regular classes, so you should be prepared to pick your child up at his/her normal class end time.

All orders will be placed directly through Bedenbaugh Photography. Wendy's will provide each child with a detailed order form during her photo session. Upon ordering your pictures, Bedenbaugh Photography will process your order and bring the pictures to the studio at a designated time for you to pick up. After picture day, if you have any questions regarding your child’s pictures, please contact Wendy's Photography directly; contact info will be on order forms. As always, the purchase of photos is optional, but please attend so that all dancers are present for the group shots. 

We are looking forward to another amazing Recital! This is such a special day for all of our students and their families.

Thank you for helping us make this happen by following all of the above guidelines. 

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